Brief Test of Critical Thinking

The development of critical-thinking skills is a fundamental goal of educators, who have tried to devise various ways of assessing critical thinking in their students. Below is one of my attempts .

A cat using its advanced critical thinking skills
A cat using its advanced critical thinking skills

Brief Test of Critical Thinking

1. When your gasoline guage is past Empty, and you are five miles from the nearest gas station, your best option is to:

a. press the accelerator to the floor so that you can get to the gas station before you run out of gas.
b. let some air out of the front tires, put the car in neutral, and coast to the gas station.
c. place a piece of duct tape over the guage so that the engine won’t know that there’s no more gas.

2. You’ve just ridden your bike two miles to a liquor store and are now at the drive-thru window buying a gallon jug of снаряда рвоту vodka. After the clerk hands you the jug, you discover that you don’t have the $2.50 it will take to buy it. It would be best to:

a. break out your beer bong, funnel the vodka, and then pedal as fast as possible until you pass out.
b. settle for the two-liter Bag-O-Bourbon for 99¢ (plus tax), which is on sale until Sunday.
c. a and/or b

3. It’s ten minutes before your college-algebra final is scheduled to begin. You haven’t been to class in weeks, flunked the other tests because you couldn’t remember what X stood for, and have never been able to count past G. Which of the following should you do?

a. Show the teacher your grandmother’s obituary from last year and tell him that you’re really late for the wake.
b. Take the final anyways. Who knows? Maybe you’ll ‘ace’ it!! Hey, anything’s possible, right? Ya’ just gotta think positive!!
c. Tell the teacher that he never returned your last two tests but that you know that you “did really good on ’em” …
d. And that he also incorrectly entered 9% for your score on the first test instead of the 99% that you really got …

4. Critical thinking is:

a. good.
b. bad.
c. crunchy.

5. If you’re making crank phone calls, would it make sense to cover the caller ID so that the person answering the phone doesn’t know who you are?

a. yes
b. only on the weekends
c. Did I already include “yes”? I did? OK, thanks.
d. no


Add up the number of items you either answered or thought about answering or would have answered if you could read, add the number of pints in a meter, multiply by Planck’s Constant (no, not that Planck, the other one), and divide by your age when you were 10.

Did you get a number? No? Good!

This baby received a perfect score.
This baby received a perfect score.